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Small batch, limited release, barrel-aged gin


This beautiful barrel-aged gin has been gently matured in new French oak barrels for just over 12 months. With a flavour profile that sits midway between a gin and a whisky, it combines gorgeous butterscotch and caramel flavours with the piney fresh citrus notes our customers have come to expect from our gins.


With a smooth, full palate and a long finish, this gin is exquisitely balanced. Enjoy it neat or on ice, or perhaps use it as a base for your next Manhattan or Old-Fashioned.


This new batch of The Bridge fully embraces all the beautiful caramel and butterscotch flavours that have been extracted from the barrel, and it's most definitely (and deliciously) a bigger and bolder expression than Batch No.1. In order to retain those beautiful flavour characteristics, this gin has not been chill-filtered and, as such, some sediment may form in the bottle over time.


42% Alc Vol    700ml


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The Bridge

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