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  • Milestone partnership between artisan distillery and local juniper farmer

  • Relaunched ‘Classic’ gin uses juniper grown in the Snowy Monaro region of NSW

  • Plans to transition entire North of Eden range to locally grown juniper will be an Australian first and a key initiative in reducing the distillery’s carbon footprint

North of Eden Distillery has long been recognised for using locally-sourced ingredients, but it’s just announced that its popular ‘Classic’ gin is now being made on locally grown juniper.

The multi award-winning distillery, located on the Sapphire Coast of NSW, has just relaunched its Classic gin using juniper grown in Bombala, which is less than 100kms from the distillery.

Head distiller and owner Gavin Hughes explains, “Juniper is the single most important ingredient in gin, but unfortunately most juniper in Australian gins has to be flown in from Eastern Europe, which generates a massive carbon footprint. To be able to source juniper from just up the road is absolutely brilliant from a sustainability perspective, but it also means we can now control the provenance of all the ingredients we use in our gins.”

He continues, “We already grow a lot of our own botanicals at the distillery, but the thing we can’t grow here because of the climate is juniper. Now we’ve found a reliable source of local juniper, our aim is to transition all our gins to locally grown juniper over the next 12 months.”

Gavin goes on to add, “Sourcing as much as we can locally and reducing the distillery’s carbon footprint is something we’re absolutely passionate about, which is why this is so exciting.”

While some other distilleries in South Australia and Victoria have used Australian grown juniper to make “limited release” gins, North of Eden will be the first distillery in Australia to transition its entire range to locally grown juniper on a consistent and ongoing basis.

Juniper growers Lucy Vincent and her husband Bruce Campbell say, “We love this collaboration between local businesses. Our aim will be to continue our partnership with North of Eden Distillery and to supply them with all the juniper they need over the coming years.”

Gavin adds, “We absolutely love working with Lucy and Bruce and supporting a burgeoning local juniper industry but - best of all - their juniper actually tastes better than the stuff we were importing. Our Classic gin tasted incredible before, but now we’re using local juniper it tastes even better!”

North of Eden’s new Classic gin is currently available online at and at the distillery’s weekend cellar door. It will be progressively rolled out to bottle shops and stockists.

For interviews, images or more information, contact Gavin on 0419475261 or at


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