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Vale Mr Bill

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

On 30 July 2020, we lost our beautiful companion and senior distillery dog, Mr Bill. He died very peacefully here on the farm, cradled in our arms in his favourite sunset viewing spot, with the warmth of the sun on his belly.

He was a beloved friend. A consummate distillery dog. A lover of ocean swims. An uninvited licker. A shedder of gargantuan proportions. A Carlton supporter. A dog who knew how to take time out and just smell the roses. A seagull chaser. A buster of balls. A lover of bacon and stealer of artisan cheeses. A dog who always entertained great hopes.

Inquisitive, loyal, loving and adventurous, he was, quite simply, the best of beasties and a cherished companion for almost 16 years.

Vale Bill. You are missed more than words can express.


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