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Introducing The Distillery Dogs

Mr Bill is the elder statesman of this hard working duo. At 15, he likes to take his distillery duties lying down (preferably on a comfy bed) and really only likes to be woken up when it's dinner time. His secret superpower is knowing exactly where to lie down and fall asleep to cause maximum inconvenience to anyone trying to do some actual work in the distillery. "Onya Bill!"

Mr Bill takes time out to smell the roses

At the other end of the energy spectrum is our newest recruit, and distillery dog in training, Jim. Jim's training was put on hold for about 6 months earlier this year as a result of a bad car accident. However, despite this setback and having to lose a leg, he's back to being the fastest dog on the farm again (sorry Mr Bill). He loves nothing more than chasing his frisbee (or indeed pretty much anything that flies) and will happily do this for hours on end, testing the patience and endurance of even the most willing frisbee thrower. Needless to say, Jim (aka Legless) is thoroughly looking forward to the Cellar Door being open and having access to a larger pool of human frisbee servants.

Just throw it!!

Going for the hole in one


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