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Beating the contaGIN - one squirt at a time

We're absolutely delighted to be able to help out with a local public health initiative here in our beautiful Bega Valley.

The initiative will provide Sapphire Coast shopping centres and supermarkets with access to appropriate handwashing stations to reduce the transmission rates of COVID-19. Coordinated by local GP and Anaesthetist, Dr Duncan MacKinnon, the initiative is supported by local community service clubs, including Rotary and Lions, as well as the Bendigo Bank. The initiative aims to deliver up to 26 handwashing stations over the next three weeks to interested supermarkets and shopping centres in the Bega Valley.

As a small two person distillery, we felt this initiative was absolutely the best way for us to get hand sanitiser out to as many people in the community as possible while simultaneously having the biggest impact in reducing transmission rates.

We're making the sanitiser for the handwashing stations in accordance with World Health Organisation recommendations (80% ethanol, Glycerol and Hydrogen Peroxide), so while it may not be fancy, it will be effective.

Like so many other small distilleries across Australia, we’re doing this not to make money, but simply because it’s the right thing to do and it will help save lives in our local community. As such, the majority of our hand sanitiser will be getting pumped in the direction of these new local supermarket hand washing stations.

However, we're also conscious that other businesses and people in the community need access to fairly priced hand sanitiser, which is why we're delighted that Candelo Wholefoods Co-op in Bega has agreed to stock (and package) the sanitiser for broader sale within the community.

And speaking of community, big thanks to Longstocking Brewery who let us have one of their old stainless steel vats for mixing up our germ busting brew, and also Bega Vet Hospital for trying to help us source hydrogen peroxide in the quantities we needed. Legends!

You can read more about this initiative at:


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