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Read #gourmettraveller and then #gowithemptyeskys

So many small businesses in our region have had their summer trade completely wiped out by these dreadful #nswfires. In a region like ours, tourist trade during December and January can literally make the difference between a business staying afloat for the rest of the year or having to shut up shop completely.

Here at the distillery we have been so lucky to be able to sell our gin online while our cellar door and gin school remain closed because of the fires. But so many of our fellow business owners are either not set up for online sales or actually rely on physical foot traffic.

That's why we're encouraging everyone who supported us through #spendwiththem to come visit the #sapphirecoastnsw with #gowithemptyeskys.

Perhaps you grew up here and moved away? Perhaps you have cherished memories of childhood holidays here? Or perhaps it's just that you want to find some tangible way to support #regionalaustralia and areas like ours that were already doing it tough as a result of the #drought and have now been dealt another body blow?

Whatever the reason, we would love for everyone to plan a #roadtrip and come visit us. Stay in a local B&B or hotel, eat at least three meals a day (hopefully more) in local cafes and restaurants and buy up lots of locally made souvenirs. Oh, and maybe make some gin to take home 😊.

And what's even better #gourmettraveller has even started your itinerary for you 😊. The January edition has a wonderful 8 page spread on some of the fabulous places to stay, eat, drink and be merry here on the far south coast. And, of course, once you're here, the locals will be able to tell you about a few of their favourite places!

There's no sugar coating it. Livelihoods have already been destroyed here, and many more are on the edge. It’s going to take a lot of sustained love to see all our beautiful regional communities here on the #sapphirecoastnsw survive the double whammy of drought and fire. And that's why we're saying Yeah to #gowithemptyeskys and encouraging all you rockstars out there to do the same.

Photos by #davey_rogers (another local legend who also has an online shop. Just saying 😊)


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