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For lovers of the humble cucumber garnish

Have we got the gin for you! Our brand new Oyster Shell gin is a match made in heaven for that old favourite, the cucumber garnish.

The gin itself sits somewhere in between our Classic gin and our Connoisseur gin. Light and bright, it has an almost creamy mouth feel and a delicious medium length finish.

Built on generous foundations of juniper and coriander, this gin gets its lift from lemons, limes and cumquats we grow here on the farm and its depth and mouth feel from local oyster shells and saltbush. Hawthorn leaf, rose and lemon mytrle add delicate herbaceous floral layers, while the addition of ginger delivers a slight spicy tingle on the palate.

Like all our other gins, no one botanical predominates but rather they all blend seamlessly in the glass to deliver a smooth and satisfying full palate gin.

All that's needed now is a slice of cucumber in that G&T you're just about to pour yourself!

And here's Gav to talk you through how we make our Oyster Shell G&T here on the farm. ENJOY!


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